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L-shaped Modular Kitchen renovation services in pune

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped Kitchens provide simple and effective workspace appliances and cabinets can be installed along right angled walls, opening up the centre area. It is small, compact, discreet very versatile, providing maximum storage.

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U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

It resembles a Parallel kitchen in appearance, and L shaped in functionally. These kitchens are classy and sleek and give you a splendid experience of cooking. The space management has efficiently done while designing thus you get ample of space for storage without visible clutter.

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Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight kitchens are essential for small space area. It is compact, unobtrusive, versatile and works for both small and large kitchen spaces. It has easy and convenient storage option.

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Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchen is the most classic and efficient layouts. It is quick to clean. It has Great central kitchen design for larger spaces. This layout consists of appliances, sink, and cabinets on two parallel walls to create a small pass-through kitchen.

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